Only a skilled, experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to help you assess the likely dollar value of your injury or death case.

Many factors will influence case value:

  • How strong is the evidence of fault?
  • Were you insured to drive a vehicle at the time of the accident?
  • What are the nature and extent of your injuries?
  • Have you fully recovered from your injuries?
  • Have you lost significant functional abilities (such as sight, mental functioning, the ability to bend, squat, lift, walk or sit for prolonged periods)?
  • Have you missed time from work?
  • Are you permanently disabled?
  • How much physical pain have you been forced to endure?
  • Have you suffered any scarring or disfigurement?
  • How has your life changed because of the accident?
  • What things can you no longer do that you enjoyed?

California law requires that you be fully compensated for your losses. Calif. Civil Code §3333. Some losses are easy to calculate: medical bills, special needs equipment, and lost wages are generally simple to calculate. Other losses are harder to place a dollar value on: pain, loss of physical function, disfigurement, and emotional suffering do not come with a set dollar value.

You are legally entitled to have all your losses repaid, and to be compensated for the harm you have suffered. But you will need a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney to help you assess and prove the value of your case.

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