Over the past 20 years, we have been fortunate to work with our clients on numerous cases, helping them get appropriate compensation for injuries and deaths caused by others who acted carelessly or failed to follow basic safety rules.

We have helped our client recover tens of millions of dollars for their injuries. Each case is unique, and no two client’s stories are the same. Not every case is a large one, but every client is special to us. We routinely help our clients resolve their auto accident, slip and fall, dog bit, and other injury cases.

We work hard to understand each client’s unique case, how they have been injured, and what they need to compensate for those injuries. Your case value will depend on the unique facts of your case. See How Much is Your Case Worth. We would be happy to review your case to determine how we can help you.

Propane Gas Explosion – $3,000,000

Our client was burned when propane gas exploded in the home he was remodeling. We discovered gas had leaked from an uncapped pipe near the water heater. The gas company knew about the leak, but had failed to disable the propane gas tank feeding the property. The homeowner knew about the leak from a property inspection report provided with the sale of the home. Neither the gas company nor the homeowner properly warned our client about the leak. The explosion occurred when our client turned on the propane tank to secure hot water in the home.

Wrongful Death in Motorcycle vs. Truck Collision – $1,750,000

Our clients were the four adult children of motorcyclist killed on Old Redwood Highway when a heavy equipment hauler pulled out from a stop sign and into his path. The truck driver disputed he was at fault, bringing forward a witness who claimed to have seen the motorcycle speeding and “lane splitting” through traffic. We were able to gather evidence showing the witness could not have seen anything from their point of view, and that the truck driver failed to properly scan the road before pulling out.

Car vs. Truck Collision – $1,700,000

Our client, a 19 year-old young man, was hit in a “T” intersection when a truck driver ran a red light. Our client’s injuries were significant, but the other driver claimed to only have a $500,000 auto policy. We were able to show that the truck driver was in the course and scope of his work at the time of the accident, and therefore his employer’s insurance policy had to contribute an additional $1,200,000 to settle the case.

Car vs. Car Collision – $1,550,000

Our client suffered devastating injuries when she pulled out from a stop sign and was hit by an on-coming car that had the right of way. There was evidence that the other driver was speeding, and his insurance paid their $300,000 policy limit. We then found a witness whom the police had missed. He told us that a delivery truck had pulled out from the same stop sign right before our client did, and that this truck had turned into the oncoming lane for some distance before moving into his correct lane. We were able to show through accident reconstruction experts that the delivery truck’s illegal turn had blocked our client’s view of the oncoming car, contributing to the cause of the accident. We were able to get our client an additional $1,250,000 from the truck driver’s employer.

Fall Into Unlit Orchestra Pit in Theater – $1,300,000

Our client was helping set up for a dance performance in a rented theater. The theater owner failed to raise the Orchestra pit, or sufficiently light it to make it visible. Our client fell 10 feet into the pit, sustaining leg, ankle and foot fractures. We were able to show the theater failed to follow its own safety rules regarding the Orchestra pit.

Wrongful Denial of Disability Insurance – $1,800,000

An insurance company refused to pay our client’s disability claim. The insurance company took the position that our client’s medical condition was not severe enough to prevent her from working. We were able to settle the case after careful preparation and expert analysis of our client’s medical condition. The insurance company ultimately paid $1,000,000 more than the policy required because they had acted in bad faith in denying the claim.

Motor Vehicle Collision – $600,000

Our client injured his Achilles tendon in a front-impact car crash. Because the symptoms of this injury did not show up until several months after the collision, the insurance company refused to recognize the injury. After a two-week arbitration, we were able to prove the injury existed and was caused by the accident.

Slip and Fall Injury – $300,000

Our client broke her foot and ankle when she fell down steps in a home that was not built to code. The homeowner’s insurance company paid to settle the case.

Rear-end Collision – $100,000

Our client suffered whiplash injuries to her neck and back, and a TMJ injury in her jaw, in a rear-end collision. The insurance company initially evaluated the claim under $10,000 because there was only a small amount of damage to our client’s car. We were able to show the significance of the injuries, securing a policy limit settlement for our client.