Family v Pizza Company [confidential settlement]

Practice Area: Wrongful death

Date: Jun 10, 2015

Outcome: $700,000 Settlement

Description: The mother of four adult children was killed by a pizza delivery driver while she was crossing a street at night on a mobility scooter. The police investigation found the mother at fault because she was illegally crossing the street, there was poor visibility at night, and she was on a high dosage of pain medication which likely impaired her judgment and vision. After our office investigated more thoroughly, we were able to prove the pizza delivery driver was speeding and likely using his cell phone at the time. The case faced an additional hurdle. The death occurred in Idaho where the law forbids a recovery if the plaintiff and the defendant are equally at fault. A 50/50 finding of fault would bar the family from recovering any money for their mother’s death. The strength of our investigation and presentation of evidence allowed the family to secure a substantial settlement despite these odds.