Not every personal injury claim requires a lawyer. But if you settle your claim too quickly, without talking to an experienced personal injury lawyer, you may be loosing substantial compensation that you are entitled to receive.

An accident can be more serious than you initially perceive it to be so be careful about settling your claim too quickly. Some injuries do not reveal themselves for several days or even weeks. Minor symptoms can be a precursor to a much more serious injury that manifests over time. It is always best to check with your doctor if you are experiencing any pain, numbness, weakness or other symptoms after an accident.

If you have suffered injuries that required treatment, or a family member has been killed, you will need to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer to represent you and your family. These claims are complex, requiring skill and knowledge of the law, medicine, and other areas of expertise, such as engineering, ergonomics, accident reconstruction and biomechanics. An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to analyze your case, gather necessary evidence, hire appropriate experts, and present your case to the insurance company or jury to maximize your recovery.

Claim representatives from the insurance companies will call you, sometimes within hours of the accident. They may seem friendly, and even sympathetic. But they have one simple job: settle your injury or death claim for as little as possible. They will actively work to gather statements from you and other witnesses to defeat or to limit the settlement value of your claim. You need professional assistance from someone on your side.

Do not wait to hire an experienced, skillful personal injury attorney. Critical evidence may be lost, and witnesses approached by insurance company representatives, while you wait.

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