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Petaluma is a hidden gem nestled in Sonoma County – California’s famous wine region.

A collision between two cars in Petaluma in a sunny morning.Not only is Petaluma in the heart of California’s wine country, but it is ripe with history and close to other attractions like Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa, California. The city also has the Rancho Petaluma Adobe, which is a historical landmark.

One reason travelers come to Petaluma is for the events, and not all of them are wine-related. In fact, Petaluma is known for its Beer Festival on the river, antique fairs, and live entertainment. The downtown area is quaint and within walking distance to the water. The restaurants here in Petaluma are some of the best in Sonoma County and, of course, they have wine lists that are sure to impress. Food enthusiasts often come here for the farm-to-table experience of Sonoma County, and Petaluma restaurants have been offering such seasonal cuisines since the mid-1800s.

The city sees its fair share of tourism. This means that, during seasonal events, the roads are filled with drivers from all over the country (and sometimes the world).

If you have been injured in an auto accident in the city, you might feel overwhelmed with the task of negotiating with insurance companies and trying to unlock the compensation you need for medical costs, vehicle damage, and more.

While these feelings are entirely normal, you should not have to face them alone. Instead, you need a Petaluma car accident attorney who knows the claims process in California and is ready to fight for your rights to compensation.

How Often Do Auto Accidents Occur in the Area?

A car wrecked due to a collision that happened in Petaluma.Auto vehicle accidents happen throughout the state of California, but in Sonoma County, they are luckily not as frequent. However, when they do happen, they tend to be more catastrophic. The open country roads and fast-paced highways create a breeding ground for speed-related accidents and drowsy driving. For example, in 2017, there were 43 fatalities from motor vehicle accidents.

One road in the county tends to be the main culprit for these fatal accidents: Occidental Road that passes through Santa Rosa. These accidents include vehicle-on-vehicle, vehicle-versus-pedestrian, and vehicle-versus-motorcycle.

Why Petaluma Residents and Visitors Turn to Local Car Accident Advocates

While serious accidents are not as frequent in Petaluma, that doesn’t mean that a person involved in an accident doesn’t experience great loss. Car crashes, even at low speeds, can require medical care, keep a person out of work for multiple days, and also cause chronic pain issues.

When a serious accident does occur, the physical, mental, emotional, and financial damages can be catastrophic. When a victim is not at fault for the auto accident, why should they have to pay for those losses?

Often, victims must turn to a Petaluma car accident lawyer for assistance, especially after they experience a run around from insurance companies who want to push down how much they pay to the bare minimum.

Henderson Law Has Proudly Served Petaluma Car Accident Victims for More Than 20 Years

Henderson LawA man on a phone call after a car crash. has been serving residents of Petaluma and surrounding cities for over 20 years.

Lead attorney, Michael Henderson, represents those who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents and has used his experience to obtain tens of millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of his clients. Our primary goal is to secure the compensation our clients need and deserve after a serious accident for:

  • Medical Expenses: By far, the most significant expense a victim deals with is the medical costs (both present and future) associated with an accident. Healthcare costs are on the rise and are only expected to get worse. Not only does a victim have initial medical expenses (e.g., emergency room visits, ambulance transportation, and care at the hospital), but they could have long-term medical costs if their injuries are severe. Catastrophic accidents can quickly exhaust even the best medical insurance policy, leaving the victim to pay out of pocket.
  • Lost Wages: Whether it is time off work to recover from the accident or you cannot return to work because of a permanent disability, you should not lose out on the income you would have made if you weren’t involved in that accident.
  • Pain and Suffering: No dollar amount will replace what you have lost physically and emotionally, but you are entitled to compensation to help cope with those losses.

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An attorney shaking hands with his client for winning the case.If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a car collision in Petaluma or the Santa Rosa area, you need a local advocate ready to fight for your right to compensation.

Speak with the trusted Petaluma auto accident attorneys at Henderson Law today and schedule a confidential consultation; call or request more information about our legal services online. We also handle other personal injury cases such as trucking accident, motorcycle accident, or bicycle accident.