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A truck lies in a side ditch after a road accident in Windsor.Winsor boasts some of the most scenic landscapes in the country, so simply driving around town can be quite delightful. But trucking accidents can happen anywhere, and when they do, they typically spell disaster. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), California ranks consistently in the top 10 states for the highest number of truck accidents in the country. So as a resident of Windsor, it can be helpful to know the types of accidents to watch out for and what to do if you should ever find yourself involved in a truck accident.

Types of Truck Accidents in Windsor

While every situation is different, there are some common types of truck accidents that happen routinely.

Jackknife Accident – Most semi-trucks consist of the “cab” where the driver sits, and the trailer that hauls the cargo. The cab is attached to the trailer through a hitch mechanism. The term “jackknife” refers to instances where the trailer is moving faster than the cab. This normally happens when the driver is forced to brake suddenly, which causes the cab to slow down while the trailer is still maintaining speed. As the trailer continues moving fast, it swings forward and creates a sharp angle at the joint where the cab and trailer meet. At this point, the truck driver has absolutely no control over the run-away trailer, and anything in its path is in great danger. Jackknifing is one of the most common types of truck accidents because so many factors can cause it, such as:

  • The truck was speeding and suddenly braked
  • The truck’s brakes failed
  • Bad weather conditions
  • The driver made a sudden and hasty maneuver
  • The cab’s wheels locked

Load Accidents – There are specific ways that a truck must be loaded. If this is not done correctly, accidents can happen. A jackknife can happen when the load is too heavy, or a rollover can occur when the cargo is not properly secured or liquid cargo is not properly pressurized.

Truck Tire Blowouts – There are a number of reasons for a truck tire to experience a blowout – everything from improper maintenance to a manufacturing defect. Tire blowouts on a semi-truck can cause jackknifes, rollovers, and accidents that result when ruptured tire debris hits other vehicles.

Hazardous Material Accidents – If a truck experiences one of the types of accidents listed above and is carrying hazardous cargo, the materials may spill into the roadway thereby endangering other drivers and local residents alike.

What to Do after a Windsor Truck Accident

If you find yourself involved in an accident with a truck and are physically able, there are a few things you should do after the accident.

First and foremost, call for emergency medical help if anyone is injured. Making that call immediately after the accident could save lives.

A truck on its side after an accident in Windsor.Second, stay at the scene. According to California law, if you leave the scene of an accident without leaving identifying contact information – your name, your car’s license number, insurance information, and your driver’s license number – it is considered a hit and run. If someone was injured in the accident, you are required to notify the local police or highway patrol within 24 hours as well as file a report with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Third, gather information. Get the other driver’s contact information, the contact information for any witnesses, photos of the accident scene, photos of the environment for contexts such as weather conditions, photos of vehicular damage, and photos of injuries.

Fourth, get evaluated by a doctor right away, even if you are feeling fine. If you delay medical treatment, it may be used against you as proof that you were not really injured.

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