Family v Pizza Company [confidential settlement]

Practice Area: Wrongful death

Date: Jun 10, 2015

Outcome: $700,000 Settlement

Description: The mother of four adult children was killed by a pizza delivery driver while she was crossing a street at night on a mobility scooter. The police investigation found the mother at fault because she was illegally crossing the street, there was poor visibility at night, and she was on a high dosage of pain medication which likely impaired her judgment and vision.

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Martin v. State Farm

Practice Area: Personal injury

Date: Oct 03, 2005

Outcome: $600,000

Description: Our client injured his Achilles tendon in a front-impact car crash. Because the symptoms of this injury did not show up until several months after the collision, the insurance company refused to recognize the injury. After a two-week arbitration, we were able to prove the injury existed and was caused by the accident.

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Bruce v. Syers Properties

Practice Area: Personal injury

Date: Jun 15, 2015

Outcome: $600,000 settlement

Description: The owner of a shopping plaza failed to inspect or replace rotting wood separators embedded in the sidewalk. Plaintiff was on his way to see his chiropractor when his foot caught on a loose, rotting separator in the sidewalk just outside the doctor’s office. This caused Plaintiff to fall to the ground,

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